Deck and Patios


We specialize in all of the various types of decking. Our company is very unique in the fact that we offer you the customer, whatever you want! We are the only company in the Bay Area that offers this! Get what you want and do not just settle for what someone wants to sell you because that’s all that they offer! After spending a few minutes with you and speaking with you, we will be able to direct you with the perfect deck that will fulfill all of your needs!

We offer kool deck (spraydeck),  acrylic decking (decorative concrete), we also offer the newest and lates colors with our wide variety of  pavers and travertine.  If you’re looking for something that needs minimal attention, then the acrylic decking is the way to go! This product is very low maintenance, yet very decorative.

If you’re into the more natural stone look, then pavers, or travertine is a great choice!
If you’re ready for an upgrade that will beautify and enhance your deck, give us a call!

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